October 2019

Due to the Visa Card Union's internal business adjustments, they have closed any online transactions. We are very sorry for the inconvenience it caused. You can still use a Master Card, JCB card, Discover card, or Diner's Club card to pay. We also accept WeChat pay and Alipay which are more convenient.
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In the Third Generation of EVPAD, Why Choose EVPAD 3 Max?

So what is so good about EVPAD Starry Sky VOD? For a Starry Sky VOD, should I choose the expensive EVPAD 3Plus? In fact, it is not necessarily. If you mainly want to watch live TV channels and some on-demand TV programs, then choose the one with the right price and more practical functions. If you are obsessed with watching movies, and if you like to watch movies, then it is good to get an EVPAD 3Plus or EVPAD 3Max. Because when many people are watching the same movie, it will be slower if you u
In the Third Generation of EVPAD, Why Choose EVPAD 3 Max?
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