FAQs about Android TV Box

➥「 About Our Store 」

Q. Are you the authorized seller of EVPAD, Unblock Tech, SviCloud and SuperBox?
➤. Yes, We are the official distributor of EVPAD, Unblock Tech, SviCloud and SuperBox. Please rest assured to buy from us.
Please note, any EVPAD TV boxes sold from unknown websites may be fake or unauthorized boxes.
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Q. Where should I buy the Authentic TV box?
➤. We are the official authorized online store, 100% original authentic, 100% quality assurance!
Please rest assured to buy directly on our website --- www.evpadpro.com, thank you.
➤. Considering the after-sale service and guarantee of the product, please buy from an official authorized distributor, and avoid buying from some untrustworthy merchants who only offer low prices, otherwise, there are no after-sales service and no warranty. The TV box will be locked seriously, can't be used anymore.

Q. Where is your company located?
➤. EVPADPro is the leading Smart Android TV box provider, founded in 2014 and located in Hong Kong, China. Focused on offering the best Android TV box for global customers, including the famous TV box brands of EVPAD, Unblock Tech and SviCloud.

➥「 About Product 」

Q. What are the primary features of your Android TV box?
➤. All are 100% FREE. No Monthly Cable Bills. No Hidden Charges. PAY ONCE, FREE FOREVER!
➤. 2,000+ HD TV Channels Worldwide & 200,000+ VOD rich Contents.
➤. Watch Wonderful HD Live Sports Games and 7 Days of Playback.
➤. Exclusive Children's Park. The Best TV Box for Kids in the Market.
➤. Enjoy Karaoke Everywhere - Sing Unlimited Songs.
➤. Cut the Cable TV Cord and Save Money Everyday. Big Savings.
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Q. What's the difference between EVPAD, Unblock Tech, SviCloud and SuperBox?
➤. EVPAD, Unblock Tech, SviCloud and SuperBox are the most popular brands of smart Android TV boxes around the world.
➤. EVPAD is a brand that offers 2,000+ worldwide free TV channels and 200,000+ TV shows / Movies. Adapt to global customers, especially overseas Chinese customers (Who want to watch TV channels of Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan).
➤. Unblock Tech and SviCloud are two different brands similar to EVPAD. Suitable for customers who want to watch global TV channels, sports channels, TV shows, movies and adults.
➤. SuperBox is specially developed for customers in USA / Canada, mainly for sports fans. Supported full sports channels, such as NFL, NHL, NBA, NCAA, MLB, etc.
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Q. What's the difference between EVPAD 6P and Unblock UBox9 and SviCloud 8P?
➤. EVPAD 6P, Unblock UBox9 and SviCloud 8P are the premium versions, both have the same configurations and functions.
➤. These three models are the most popular and best-selling products in our store. Just choose one from them, You are sure to be satisfied.

Q. What's the difference between EVPAD 6P and EVPAD 6S?
➤. EVPAD 6P is the upgrade version of EVPAD 6S. 6P has 4G RAM + 64G ROM, while 6S has 2G RAM + 32G ROM.
➤. There are no USA, Canada, UK, and Indonesia TV channels for 6S. While there is no limit for 6P.
➤. AI voice remote control for 6P, while normal Bluetooth remote for 6S.

✦. We highly recommend you the EVPAD 6P. It's much more powerful and cost-effective.

Q. Which is the best TV box in your store? Which one do you recommend?

➤. This needs to be taken into consideration. What are your requirements for using a TV box? Which TV channels do you want to watch? Do you need to install more Apps? Do you need to use a voice remote control?

We highly recommend you the EVPAD 6P, Unblock UBox9 and SviCloud 8P. All these models are premium versions. Much more powerful, have strong performance, stable and fast speed. All are the best selling products in our store.

Q. What's the version of your TV box?

➤. All our TV boxes are international versions. There is no region limit use of the TV box. This means you could use the TV box around the world.
✦. Please note that All TV boxes are pure versions with no pre-installed Apps, customers need to install the Apps by themselves.
✦. There have some customized versions in the market, such as the Taiwan version, Indonesian version, Malaysian version, etc. The difference between the customized versions and international versions is customized versions can be used in the customized country only, do not support use abroad and lack TV channels from other countries. Although the price will be a bit cheaper but not as good value as the international version.

Q. Why your price is higher than other sellers?

➤. We are the official authorized distributor for online sales. All product prices are subject to the official uniform retail price.

✦. Please note that we received lots of feedback from customers who said they had purchased TV boxes from some informal sellers, but can't keep in touch with the sellers after purchase, some boxes are locked and cannot be used seriously.
✦. Any TV boxes sold from unknown websites may be fake or unauthorized boxes. The TV box will have no official warranty and the machine will be locked out of use. So please make sure to buy from an authorized dealer.

Here, we remind our customers and friends, don't just covet cheap prices while neglecting product quality and after-sales service. Please contact us to buy the authentic smart Android TV box with an official guarantee, thank you.

Q. How to use the TV box?

➤. All our TV boxes are super easy to work. We'll teach you how to use the TV box.
➤. There have lots of videos on Youtube. You could learn how to install the Apps, how to use the TV box, different brands and versions comparison, etc.

Q. How to work with the TV box?

➤. Plugin your power cable with your TV box, and connect a WiFi or LAN cable.

Q. Can the subtitle be adjusted?

➤. The subtitles of live and on-demand channels cannot be adjusted. The subtitles of the movie can be adjusted manually, and occasionally the subtitles may not correspond to each other. But it is not necessary to adjust subtitles for every movie.

Q. What should I do if the TV box keeps restarting after connecting to WiFi?

➤. Please restore the TV box to factory settings.

Q. What's the power plug of the TV box?

➤. Our TV box has four different power plugs: US, UK, EU and AU.
➤. Please choose the one you need. Contact us if you can't make sure which plug you need.

Q. Is it legal to use the TV box? Is it legal to sell the TV box?

➤. No App is pre-installed in the TV box. It's a normal Android system. Apps are installed by customers.
➤. Not breaking the law. It's legal to use and sell the TV box. Do not broadcast in public places.

Q. Can I watch these TV channels in my country?
➤. Yes, as long you have a stable internet connection. It can be used normally in other countries around the world.
Including the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, etc.

Q. What is the internet requirement needed?
➤. Recommended Internet service with unlimited quota 5mbs or above.
➤. There has a mass of CDN servers around the world. The speed is fast. Please don't worry.

Q. Does the device has Google Playstore?
➤. Yes, all TV box devices have Google Playstore.

Q. Does the device has English UI?
➤. Yes, you can choose from below 12 languages:
( English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Spanish, Vietnamese, Japanese, Malay, Indonesian, Thai, Korean, Filipino and Portuguese.)

Q. How to find your MAC number?
➤. You can find the MAC number on the back of the TVBox. Or get the MAC number on the home page after booting.
If you have any questions, please contact our customer service.

Q. Can I upgrade my old version TV box to the latest?
➤. Sorry, We do not provide upgrade service for old-version TV boxes, because the system and the hardware are different. Please do not upgrade.

Q. Can I buy a new remote control from you, as my old one is useless?
➤. Yes, we offer Original TV box accessories, including remote control, charger adapter, power plug, etc. ➥ Click to learn more

Q. Can I buy IPTV streaming Apps from you instead of an Android TV box?
➤. Yes, we'll offer the IPTV streaming Apps later. Support monthly subscriptions, which do not need to buy the Android TV box. You could watch worldwide TV channels on your phone, iPad, computer, notebook, Apple devices and Android devices freely.
Support System: IOS / Android APK / Linux / M3U / MAG Box / Smart TV / Enigma, etc.

✦. Please follow us to know more.

➥「 About Payment」

Q. Is it safe to pay on your website?
Yes, it's 100% safe to shop for the TV box on www.evpadpro.com. We support VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card, Diners Club, JCB Credit cards, Chinese WeChat / AliPay and Western Union payments. Please rest assured to pay.

Q. How to pay with a credit card on your website?
Pay with a credit card on www.evpadpro.com is 100% safe and super easy. Please do as follow steps:

1. Add the product to the cart, and click "Check out".
2. Choose "Credit Card" - the first payment method option.
3. Click "Place your order".
4. Enter your credit card information, then click "Make Payment".
5. Then you will receive the payment prompt, success or failure. We'll also get your payment transaction after that.
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Q. Why did my credit card payment failed?
Please follow the prompt indicating payment failure:
1. "Do not Honor" --- Please contact your credit card bank. Tell the bank let the deal go as it's your personal transaction. And give us a reply after that. We will reapply to the bank then your deal will be successful.
2. "High risk", "Invalid transaction"--- Please get in touch with our pre-sales staff.
3. "Not sufficient funds" --- Please check the funds on your credit card. Make sure your balance is enough.
4. "24 hours more repeat fail order" --- There is a limit of 3 times for safe payment, please pay after 24 hours if failures are reached three times. Or pay with another credit card if possible.
5. "Fraud suspicion" --- Make sure it's your own credit card. And enter the correct credit card dates(Card number, expiration date and CVV2/CSC number).

Q. Why do you charge my credit card more than your product price?
➤. According to the credit card bank rules, the credit card company may be charged an additional handling fee (2%-4% of total amounts) for cross-border transactions.
✦. This is normal. It is charged by your credit card bank, not charged by our company, you could check with your credit card bank for details.

Q. Can I get more discount?
➤. We will offer more discounts if you want to buy multiple pieces. We'll send you the special coupon code.
➤. Please contact us if you want to buy wholesale TV boxes. We'll glad to invite you to be sales agent in your country. ➥ Click to learn more

Q. Do you have a shop on Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, Lazada or Shopify? Do you have a store in my country?
➤. We only sell the TV box on our website: www.evpadpro.com
➤. We don't have a physical store and do not have a shop on Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, Lazada or Shopify and other e-commerce platforms.

✦. Please buy on our official website directly. We'll offer fast and free shipping service for you, thank you.

Q. How long will it take to get the refund?
➤. The money will refund back to the credit card which was paid on our website before.
➤. Depending on the credit card bank's policy, the refund will cost about 5-20 days.

Q. Can I make a profit if I recommend your TV box to my friends?
➤. Of course. It is our honor if you could recommend our products to your friends. We'll be glad to give you a reward. Please contact us, thank you.

➥「 About Agent」

Q. How can I be your agent?
➤. It's our honor if you would like to be our sales agent. We welcome dealers from all over the world. ❤❤❤
➤. Contact us now, Let's get to know each other better. We'll send you our agent terms and agent wholesale price after that.

Q. What's your agent price for wholesale?
➤. Contact us now, We'll provide the best wholesale price for our agents. Besides, we'll also provide the best pre-sales guidance and after-sales service.
➤. We will help you to improve your business and earn much more profits. ➥ Click to learn more

Q. Who are our TV box customers if I become your agent?
➤. As a whole, Chinese overseas, sports fans, movies and TV series fans, and those who want to watch foreign TV channels..... All are potential customers.

➥「 About Shipping」

Q. Can you ship to my country? Where do you ship the goods from?
➤. Please don't worry. We offer worldwide free shipping and can ship to over 200 countries around the world.
➤. We'll choose DHL, FedEx or UPS fast shipping for you. ➥ Click to learn more

Please note:
✦. We have several warehouses in Hong Kong, Thailand and USA. The goods will be shipped randomly from these warehouses.
✦. We do not ship to the mainland of China. But shipping to Hong Hong, Macao and Taiwan is OK.

Q. How long will it take to ship after placing an order in your store?
➤. Processing about 1-2 working days and Shipping about 3-7 working days. ( Shipping by DHL, FedEx, UPS, etc )
➤. We offer worldwide free shipping. No matter which country you come from, we can deliver the goods to you.

✦. Please note that it may be delayed during the holiday. We'll try our best to do that.

Q. Where can I find the express tracking number?
➤. After delivery, we will send the tracking number to your emails.
➤. You could check the tracking number from your account on our website.
➤. Universal tracking website: https://www.17track.net/en

Q. Do we need to pay the customs clearance fees and tax?
➤. Customs clearance is a random inspection by customs. There is a small probability of being spot-checked, and when we ship the goods, we'll mark a low price or gift. So usually there do no need to pay the customs clearance fee and tax.

➥「 About After-Sales」

Q. What's the warranty with your TV box? Is there an annual fee or a monthly subscription fee?
➤. We offer a one-year warranty with 1 to 1 exchange service for all our TV boxes.
➤. There is no annual fee or monthly subscription fee. With just the cost of buying the box, you could use it for free forever. Watching worldwide live TV channels, movies, TV shows, etc.

Q. What should I do if the TV box meets a problem while within warranty?
Rest assured, we will provide complete after-sales service to our customers.

➤. If there is any abnormality in the use of the TV box within the 1-year warranty, If our professional after-sales inspection is not the damage caused by human problems. Please contact us.
We'll pay the shipping fee for you to ship the box to our Hong Kong factory. And we'll replace it with a new one for free.

➤. In the case of man-made damage under the warranty or abnormal damage beyond the warranty, we can also help you to send it back to our Hong Kong factory for repair. The service fee will be charged separately, depending on the damage condition. ➥ Click to learn more

Q. If the TV box is out of warranty, can I still get service or repair from you?
➤. Yes, we are always here to help you all the time.
➤. If the TV box needs repair service which is out of warranty. There will be a maintenance fee which will be quoted to you after testing by the technical engineer.
➤. The TV box needs to ship back to our Hong Kong factory for repair.

Q. Can you help me solve the problem if I bought the TV box from another seller?
➤. If there is a software or App problem with the box, we can help you solve it;
➤. If there is a hardware problem, you need to contact the seller or the official after-sales staff (Find it on the TV box homepage or the button of the TV box);
➤. We are only responsible for TV boxes sold in our store, thank you for your understanding and support.

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