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It really works and contains quite a lot of live TV channels in Hong Kong. Its HD picture quality is very good and smooth. All you need is a good Internet connect (wired should be much more reliable than wireless).
Working great as it should. Arrived on time as promised. This is a great way to learn Chinese, both in Japanese and Korean. Movies are in HD quality and FREE!
This TV box is so amazing, been using it for over a month already....came in handy for the quarantine. Can watch shows all over the world.

Latest EVPAD News & Blog

How Do You Use an EVPAD TV Box?

EVPAD smart TV box, from the previous EVPAD 2 to the current EVPAD6, has undergone several generations of changes and upgrades, and the quality and functions of its products have become more and more perfect. After several years of baptism, it has also been recognized and affirmed by customers. The EVPAD2S was purchased 4-5 years ago and the EVPAD 3 two or three years ago can continue to be used without major problems, which is enough to reflect EVPAD Quality clearance.

Jul 26.2021

EVPAD Malaysia TV Channel Lists

So what are the Malaysian TV channels in EVPAD? Take EVPAD5P as an example. In EVPAD5P, two columns are containing Malaysian TV programs. One is a column integrating Singapore and Malaysia, named [Singapore/Malaysia], and the other is [Bahasa&Malaysia] column. They all contain Malaysian TV channels. But in the international version of EVPAD5S, there is no [Bahasa&Malaysia] channel column.

Jul 23.2021

Bluetooth Pairing Operation of EVPAD 6th Generation TV Box Voice Remote Control

At the beginning of July this year, the 6th generation of EVPAD TV box was finally released. The first 6th generation TV box released was EVPAD 6P. From the previous point of view, it can be guessed that EVPAD 6P is in EVPAD 6S and EVPAD. A TV box configured between 6Max. After the release, his various parameters were also announced one by one.

Jul 22.2021

The Taiwan TV Channel List in EVPAD TV Box

In Taiwan, there are hundreds of TV channels you can watch, but some are charged. And in our EVPAD TV box, there are also TV channels in Taiwan, China, as many as more than one hundred and sixty, you can switch to different TV channels to watch. There are also TV channels in other regions, such as TV channels in China, South Korea, Japan, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, and other countries and regions. Different types of EVPAD TV boxes have different internal TV channels. EVPAD 5S v

Jul 21.2021

EVPAD Sixth Generation EVAI Voice Input Method Setting Operation

Recently, the EVPAD latest version - EVPAD 6P was launched. On the basis of the 5th generation of EVPAD, EVPAD 6P has been upgraded in many ways. Among them, a big upgrade is the EVAI voice system in EVPAD. Take EVPAD 6P VS 5P as an example. Before, when we used EVPAD 5P, we might encounter inaccurate recognition. Before, because we spoke with a little accent, it would cause inaccurate recognition. Now it's different. EVAI6.0 has undergone a comprehensive upgrade, with more accurate recognition,

Jul 20.2021

Japanese Regional TV Channels in the EVPAD TV Box

Speaking of Japan as a country, most people must be watching Japanese anime. For example, an anime that has just ended-"Naruto" is an anime that we were eagerly waiting for to be updated every week. There is also One Piece, which is very popular for download, and it is also the youth of many people. There is also Ultraman, which we watched every day when we were adolescents. They are all from Japan.

Jul 19.2021
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