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It really works and contains quite a lot of live TV channels in Hong Kong. Its HD picture quality is very good and smooth. All you need is a good Internet connect (wired should be much more reliable than wireless).
Working great as it should. Arrived on time as promised. This is a great way to learn Chinese, both in Japanese and Korean. Movies are in HD quality and FREE!
This TV box is so amazing, been using it for over a month already....came in handy for the quarantine. Can watch shows all over the world.

Latest EVPAD News & Blog

The Origin of Chinese Traditional Festivals Mid-Autumn Festival

Traditional Chinese festivals mainly include Spring Festival, Lantern Festival, Tomb Sweeping Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, Double Ninth Festival, New Year's Eve, etc. Traditional festivals are an important carrier for inheriting excellent history and culture. People can not only increase their knowledge and be taught during the festival, but also help to demonstrate culture, promote virtue, cultivate sentiment, and carry forward traditions. The format

Sep 24.2021

UBOX9 and EVPAD 6P, Two Well-Matched Oopponents

Both the white UBOX9 and the black EVPAD 6P are this year’s new TV boxes, and the hardware configuration is the same. Both are 4+64GB memory configuration, Android10.0 operating system version, and Bluetooth is upgraded to 5.0, The connection is more stable, and more Bluetooth devices can be expanded. If you don't look at functions and usage, but only look at the external and hardware there is no difference between EVPAD 6P and UBOX9, except that the appearance is the biggest difference, one bla

Sep 22.2021

What are the Changes and Upgrades of EVPAD 2S to EVPAD 6P?

EVPAD Smart Voice TV Box has been developed for six years from 2015 to today. In the past six years, the EVPAD TV box has been continuously improved and updated, and each new generation of new products will be shown to users with new functions. In the past few years, EVPAD has also been updated from the original EVPAD 2S to the current EVPAD 6P. Looking back at the previous EVPAD 2S and comparing it to the current EVPAD 6P, it has improved a lot. Not only the appearance but also the internal har

Sep 17.2021

EVPAD 5Max VS UBOX9, the Collision Between the Old Flagship and the New Machine

EVPAD 5Max VS UBOX9, first of all, in terms of memory, 5Max wins, 4+128GB memory configuration, currently no TV box has this configuration. UBOX9 has also been upgraded, with 4+64GB, but it is still not enough for 5Max. But for the number of live TV channels, UBOX9 is currently more than EVPAD 5Max. Not only are there more TV channels in the two countries, but there are also many test channel columns, the total number has reached an astonishing 1,700+. And 5Max is not so much.

Sep 16.2021

EVPAD VS UNBLOCK, What are the Advantages of EVPAD?

The sales of the TV boxes of these two brands are very good, and the products are also very good. It is precisely for these reasons that the TV boxes of these two brands are loved and supported by many users. EVPAD VS UNBLOCK, each has its own strengths, and each has its own shortcomings. The most obvious one is their appearance. People who like black naturally prefer EVPAD TV boxes, because EVPAD has been the main black configuration since the beginning of EVPAD 2S, and the current EVPAD 6P is

Sep 15.2021

How to Download the Latest Star Series App and Other Latest EVPAD Apps?

Different TV box brands have different internal apps. For example, the apps used in UNBLOCK are UBLIVE, UBVOD TV, UBTV, and UBPlayBack. In EVPAD, for example, in the previous EVPAD 3Max, it is Mars live broadcast and Mars on-demand. In EVPAD 5S, it is EVPAD Jupiter Live and Jupiter on-demand. In current EVPAD 6P, it is Venus live broadcast and Venus on-demand.

Sep 14.2021
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